About Me


  Singer, songwriter, photographer Mike Haring first experienced the mountains of Montana and Wyoming at the young age of thirteen.  He and his father traveled from their home in Northern Michigan to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks for the first time in 1977.  Falling in love with the area, they continued to make this cross country journey for the next four summers.  It was this early exposure to these amazing places that would shape Mike’s future.

   In 1985 Mike began playing music for a living.  His love for travel mixed well with his new profession and has since performed in 20 states and over 20+ countries.  After graduating from college in 1990, Mike packed his bags and moved to Big Sky, Montana to pursue his musical career.  It didn’t take long to convince Mike that he should be photographing this magnificent surrounding.  After 35 years of music and 25 years of photography Mike has now combined his passions presenting multimedia shows from Alaska, Yellowstone, Glacier Park and The Globe. 

“Music, Wildlife and Travel have been my passions since I was very young. I can’t remember a time when i wasn’t fascinated by animals, exploration and singing”.

My Skills

I have been a professional Entertainer and wild life photographer for over 30 years, with over 50,000 photos and videos in my portfolio and 4,200 live venues played. I have been organizing trips abroad since 1985.  50 US states, 10 Canadian provinces and Territories, 48 countries on 7 continents

  • Musician
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Songwriting
  • Trip Organizer
  • Tour Guide

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