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I was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. I received my degree in mathematics from WMU. While in college I began to play the guitar and became quite passionate about music. My love for music and travel led me to Europe where I spent about three years fine tuning my abilities and playing just about anywhere I could get a gig. I then returned to the states and ventured out west. Reflecting back to an earlier love of the outdoors when my father used to take me on camping/fishing trips to Glacier National park in Montana, I decided what better place to spend my winters playing and writing music than Montana. During the summer and fall months I would travel around different parts of the US including, Alaska and Hawaii as well as internationally to the likes of New Zealand, Australia and Chile. As I traveled to all of these beautiful places I soon picked up another bug, photography. In 1993 I purchased my first semi-pro camera equipment. From that day I began to spend more and more time on photography and less time on music. Which puts me where I am today with both photography and music sharing equal time in my life. My latest ambition is to join the two for a multimedia presentation of original music performed live with a slide presentation.